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Vallejo schools are struggling: students are underperforming, budgets are strained, and parents and families are concerned.

It's About The Vision

Who I Am

I grew up in the community of Chico, attended public schools, and graduated from Chico State with a BA and standard secondary teaching credential in Drama and Speech. I moved to the Bay Area and unable to find a teaching job, I started working in the financial services industry. I worked in this industry for 16 years.  Always a teacher at heart, I left business and started substitute teaching. Good fortune was with me and I was in the right place at the right time and secured a teaching job at Vallejo High School. I was at Vallejo High School for seven years, five as a teacher and two as an administrator. I left Vallejo High when my family moved to Dixon to be closer to my husband’s job in Sacramento. Wanting to work closer to my new home, I accepted an administrator position at the high school in the community of Woodland. While in Woodland, I completed my master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  After leaving Woodland, I moved on to work for the State as an educational programs consultant in both the Charter School and Career and College Transition divisions. I retired from the State in 2015, at which time we moved back to the community of Vallejo. Since being back in the community, I have been substitute teaching again. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

What I Stand For

I believe that all students deserve to go to school in a safe environment with qualified and dedicated staff, passionate about teaching children and preparing them to be productive citizens and are provided the support necessary to achieve this result. As a VCUSD board member, I will work to accomplish the following goals to achieve an overall Climate of Success within the district. • Increase student achievement • Improve school safety • Attain and sustain financial health • Provide academic choice   I believe I have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the job and will work tirelessly to achieve success. We deserve to live in a community where our kids are afforded a quality education that prepares them for both higher education and the world of work. Communities gain strength when the education system is strong. I will work to ensure this happens.

How You Can Help

If you believe Vallejo Schools could be better, I stand with you.  If you believe Vallejo Schools could be safer, I stand with you.  If you believe Vallejo students deserve a quality education, I stand with you.  If you believe teachers deserve to work in an environment supportive of their craft and passion, I stand with you. If you believe the financial strength of the district should be sustainable with funds allocated strategically to support the achievement and progress of students, I stand with you. If you believe that families need more choice in academic programs, I stand with you. 

With your support we can stand together and make the Vallejo City Unified School District shine.

As an educator I believe in making decisions based on what is best for students and believe a community thrives when the educational system is strong, providing ALL children with a challenging and supportive education. We CAN make this happen for Vallejo.


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